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Our Sustainable Approach

The leaders of our industry in sustainable business practices

From the moment your goods enter our supply chain to their final destination, sustainability guides every decision we make. That is why 97% of all TV electrical suppliers use Ecycle Solutions (QLS Group) as their recycling partner.

Stuart Highway, Northern Territory

Prioritising eco-friendly practices at every stage

Streamlined for minimal environmental impact

A carbon footprint 60% less than competitors

Innovative packing and optimal loading

Streamlining Logistics: Eliminating linehaul, onforwarding, and agents has streamlined our logistics model, allowing for better control and management of the entire transportation process.

This approach minimises the number of intermediaries involved, reducing emissions, fuel consumption, and overall environmental impact.

Optimal Loading: QLS Logistics believes our carbon footprint is 60% less than our competitors with optimal loading. Maximising our cargo capacity and reducing space significantly lowers transportation costs, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions with every truckload.


Packaging Reduction: Embracing a pallet-free, strap-free, and wrap-free approach to transporting goods offers numerous sustainability benefits. In 97% of cases, QLS Logistics has eliminated these materials, significantly reducing waste generation, resource consumption, and environmental impact throughout the supply chain. 

Supply Chain Transparency: We have developed a business model with a significant advantage in environmental performance, including metrics on deliveries, emissions, waste reduction, and recycling efforts.

Ready to take the next step toward a more sustainable supply chain? Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable logistics solutions and how we can tailor them to meet your unique needs.

Solar power generation

Purpose-built facilities

Creating a more sustainable solution and reducing our carbon footprint is a commitment the entire QLS Group works towards. Continual review of business processes, assessment of transport practices, and implementation of the latest technology is a commitment the entire QLS Group makes.
We are currently assessing the viability of electric trucks in our fleet, as well as the introduction of solar panels on our new purpose-built warehouses to provide onsite solar generation and renewable energy.

EPS & Ewaste Recycling Solutions

Closing the loop with convenient, affordable recycling solutions


percentage achieved of NTCRS Target Recycling Volume FY22-23


recycled kilograms of NTCRS ewaste FY 22-23


cubic metres of polystyrene recycled FY22-23

Ecycle Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the QLS Group and is committed to leading the way in recycling solutions.

Ecycle Solutions leads the way in innovative recycling solutions for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and ewaste in Australia. As a Co-regulator of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS), Ecycle Solutions provides a free recycling service to the general public and small businesses. 

With an extensive network of recyclers and over 300 drop-off locations across Australia, Ecycle Solutions provide an accessible, environmentally sustainable recycling solution resulting in approximately 27.6 million kilograms of reusable ewaste materials being repurposed into finished goods, and recycled enough EPS to fill the Sydney Cricket Ground.

We are building a more sustainable environment.